Presentation University of Padova


University of Padova, Department Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry


Vialedell’Universit√† 16, 35020 Legnaro, Italia

Legal representative:

Prof. GiancarloDalla Fontana, Director

Team Manager:

Prof. Marco Borga

Other members of the project team:

Marco Borga (coordinator, contactperson)
Serena Galzignato
Francesco Marra
Daniele Penna
Davide Zoccatelli
Giulia Zuecco

Main activities:

  • Ourteam is involved in thefollowingworkpackages (WP):
    WP1 Project coordination and management
    WP3 Common Project Portal
    WP6 – Hydro-geological upgrade and improvement of the GIS of the sources of drinking water
    WP9 – Communication plan
  • In particular, the research group focuses on the mapping of the vulnerability and the risk parameters. The team also supports the set up, the execution and the analysis of tracing and hydrogeological tests in the study area to assess the migration and diffusion of pollutants in the environment.

Contact data:
Telephone: +39 049 827 2686
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