17.3.2014   EDUCATION EVENT – Protection of drinking water sources in case of emergency (WP9)


Within the activities on work package WP9 we have organized an educational event also to commemorate the water day.

Event Title: »Protection of drinking water sources in case of emergency – Basics of hydrogeology , karstology and spatial analysis.«

Place and date: Nova Gorica, Hotel Perla, 17.3.2014

Invited: units and departments involved in the algorithm of action (protection of drinkable water sources in case of emergency): fire departments, managers of water systems – from all regions, civil protection, representatives of municipalities , inspection service (ZIRS, IRSKGHO, IRSVNDN), the police, representatives NIJZ , NLZOH, representatives of national environment agency (ARSO) Ministry of Health and other related authorities.

Aim: Excellent experts share knowledge acquired trough studies on the project GEP area.

Number of participants: we are grateful to all 140 participants- from all regions in Slovenia.

Invitation in Slovenian PPT presentations Press release in Slovenian

14.3.2014 EVENT – Waters of Soča/Isonzo plain (WP9)


As part of working package 9 (communication plan) and to acknowledge the water day the Department of mathematics and geophysics (University of Trieste) had organized an event named “Waters of Soča/Isonzo Plain”


Place and date: Trieste, Department of mathematics and geophysics (University of Trieste), Via Weiss 2, 14. march 2014

Invited: All parters working on WP6- mostly regarding hydrology, representatives of local health authority, ARPA, CEGAS a.p.s, IRIS ACQUA, CAFC, representatives of local municipalities.

Aim: The project partners presented the latest findings of studies in the field of hydrology, climatology, artificial and underground waters of the Soča/Isonzo plain. Protezione Civile della Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia (civil protection) also presented how to protect drinkable water sources in case of emergency (algorithm).

Invitation (in Italian) PPT presentations (in Italian)

24.10.2013   Annual professional meeting – Section of Preventive Medicine (WP9)


As part of the activities of WP9 we actively participated at the annual professional meeting – Section of Preventive Medicine.

Event title:”Public Health – hand in hand with non-governmental organizations.”

Place and date: 24. – 25.10.2013, Rogaška Slatina, Hotel Sava.

Purpose of participation: Presentation of the project GEP and results obtained so far. For the occasion, we created a poster showing part of the activities on WP4 (Slovenian partners).Program posvet Poster

Program (in Slovenian):

Program posvet Program posveta Program 1 Sklop 1 Program 2 Sklop 2 Program 3 Sklop 3

27.9.2013   Researchers’ Night in Trieste (WP9)

Trieste will held “Researchers’ Night” an initiation of European Commission.
City of Trieste will join over 300 European cities, where research institutions present to the general public results and other interesting findings of their work in a interesting and funny way.

Event title: Researchers’ Night

Place and date: Trieste, Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia, 26.9.2013

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