Presentation University of Trieste, Department of Life Science


University of Trieste, Department of Life Science


Via Giorgieri 10, 34127, Trieste, Italia

Legal representative:

Prof. Francesco Peroni, rektor Univerze v Trstu

Team Manager:

Prof. Alfredo Altobelli

Other members of the project team:

Katja Mignozzi
Rossella Napolitano
Mauro Scimone (external consultant; SISSAD S.n.c.)

Main activities:

  • Project Partner (PP) n.6.
  • In cooperation with other PPs we conduct activities on the following WPs:
    WP3 – Common Project Portal: preparation of the contents for the website
    WP5 – GIS of the sources of drinking water: collecting data about drinking water resources
    WP9 – Communication plan: preparation of advertising material, collaboration in the organization of the final workshop, drafting of scientific papers
  • We fully carry out all the activities regarding WP7: Amendment of the GIS system with methods relating to spatial analysis and environment management

Contact data

Telephone: +39 040 5583883
Web page: