Presentation Uprava RS za zaščito in reševanje


Administrationfor Civil Protectionand Disaster Relief (URSZR)


Sedejeva 9, 5000 Nova Gorica, Slovenija

Legal representative:

Darko But, Director General of the URSZR

Team Manager:

mag. Samuel Kosmač, head of branch office URSZR Nova Gorica,
Civil Protection commander of Northern Primorska

Main activities:

  • We participate at the project as a Project Partner (PP2).
  • Activities of the following WPs are performed in cooperation with LP and other PPs:
    WP4 Algorithm of action for the protection of the sources of drinking water
    WP5 GIS of the sources of drinking water
    WP9 Communication plan

Contact data

E-mail: Izpostava NG
Telephone: +386 5 330 72 00
Web page: URSZR